Automobile Collision Coverage Insurance In Los Angeles

What is collision coverage and how can it help you if you get into an accident in Los Angeles? 

If you’ve been in a car accident, collision coverage could save you thousands of dollars in car repair bills in Los Angeles. It is one of those insurance policies that  Collision insurance covers damage to your car after an accident, regardless of who was at fault. 

But what exactly does collision coverage include? When is it necessary? And what steps should you take to leverage this critical protection? This in-depth collision coverage guide gives an overview of how collision insurance works, what typical policies entail, and  advice for getting the most out of your protections.

What Kinds of Damage Does Collision Coverage Cover?

Collision auto insurance covers your repair bills or total loss payout if you damage your car by:

– Hitting another car, object, animal, or person

– Rolling, overturning or crashing your vehicle

– Having your parked car struck by another vehicle

It also covers related costs like towing, loss of use while being repaired in the shop, and taxes/fees on replacement vehicles.

What Is Not Covered By Collision Insurance?

Collision coverage insurance typically does not cover the following losses: 

– Theft, vandalism or fire damage. Comprehensive auto policy usually protects against those risks.

– Bodily injuries to you or passengers. You would need medical payments (MedPay) coverage or uninsured motorist (UM /UIM) bodily injury coverage to pay for personal injuries

– Damage from hitting potholes, curbs or other road debris. These damages typically fall under comprehensive car insurance.

Always review your insurance policy with your agent or attorney to understand exactly what your coverage is in case of a loss. And never assume that a particular type of damage is excluded unless it has been verified by a qualified insurance attorney. 

Do You Need Collision Coverage?

Unlike liability insurance, California law doesn’t legally require collision protection on vehicles. But having this coverage is highly recommended for all drivers in Los Angeles, California. 

You can likely forego collision insurance if you own a really old and broken down car worth very little. If your car was totaled or badly damaged in an accident, the repair costs might exceed the cash value – making collision coverage impractical.

However, if you own a newer model car, SUV, or truck, obtaining collision coverage insurance is extremely important, specially living in Southern California where repair costs are expensive. The high price tags of these vehicles means repairs or replacement in a crash could be devastating without this coverage. 

How Much Does Collision Insurance Cost in Los Angeles?

Collision insurance premium costs range widely based on:  

– The car’s age, make, model

– Driving history

– The amount of deductible

– Where you live or park your car

Generally, collision coverage costs $300-$600 per year. However, premiums for high-value luxury vehicles or sports cars often start around $1,000 annually. Adding collision to older vehicle policies could cost as little as $100-200 per year.

One key way to save on collision insurance is to choose a higher deductible, which reduces your premiums but means you pay more out-of-pocket per claim. Just make sure you have adequate funds to cover your deductible in case of damage to your car.

How to Use Collision Coverage After an Accident in Los Angeles, California

If you’ve recently been involved in car accident in Los Angeles, California, you should take the following steps to use your collision coverage insurance: 

  1. Report the accident to your insurance company immediately.
  2. Allow your insurance company to inspect your car so they can appraise the damages and give you a repair estimate. If your repair estimates exceed the cost of your car, they may total your vehicle on the spot. 
  3. Review available repair shops to fix your vehicle. It is important to remember that insurance company may suggestion preferred body shops they work with, but under the law in California you have the right to choose your own body shop for your car’s repairs. 
  4. At the body shop, always request Original Equipment Parts or OEM to repair your vehicle. This is important so that your car’s value can be restored to what it was before the accident. 
  5. Get a rental car and obtain rental car insurance while your vehicle is being repaired. 

Having an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer like on your side can make navigating the collision claims process much simpler. Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm if you need assistance – our consultation are confidential and free. 

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