What is a Trademark Watch Service?

A trademark watch service consists of highly focused algorithmic computer searches to detect any name, logo, graphic, handle, title, or domain that may infringe on your trademark. The monitoring service will usually search numerous databases such as the USPTO, state business filings, domain registrations, social media names, online marketplaces, to name a few, to find any marks that may sound similar to your trademark.

The goal of a watch service is twofold: (1) to find marks that are identical to your existing trademark, and (2) to find marks that may be confusingly similar. In order to find marks that may be confusingly similar, a search for phonetic similarity, plurals, stemming, abbreviations, acronyms, translations, misspellings, vowel and consonant similarity is performed by the watch service computer algorithm.

The aim of a trademark watch is to prevent registration with the USPTO of a similar name or introduction of goods or service into the market that may be similar to your trademark – thus eroding your market share and revenue. Additionally, by proactively monitoring the internet and various marketplaces, a watch service can identify counterfeit products. The sooner a counterfeit product is identified, the more likely it will be removed from the market without harming consumers or posing a real liability threat to the true trademark owner.

Trademark watch searches can occur daily, weekly, or monthly. Once a search is performed, a report is generated for your review. Trademark watch services can be limited to a particular region or cover the entire United States. They can also be limited to the USPTO’s database or all available state and federal databases.

While a trademark watch service is not 100% full proof, it can be a useful tool in assisting and detecting confusingly similar marks that are being registered or counterfeit products being offered by rogue sellers in the marketplace.

If you have any questions about your trademark, please give us a call for a free no obligation consultation. We are in Los Angeles, California and we provide trademark services to clients from all over the United States. Trademarks are the foundation of a business, and proactive maintenance and protection is the key to building brand equity and consumer protection.

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